Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Horizons

Hey everybody,

So, as you've no-doubt noticed, there haven't been any updates here for the past few weeks. There are several reasons for this– not the least of which being that I recently returned from a long-overdue, week-long vacation.

Beyond that, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I will be starting a new job on Monday. The bad news is that said job is shaping up to be rather intense and will most-likely not allow me the free time to create new content here for the foreseeable future.

I'm hoping to find the time to continue my "XCOM Classic Ironman" video series and post the occasional YouTube video but blogging is something I tend to take very seriously and put a lot of effort into doing well. Ergo, I don't see myself being able to do that any time soon. Regular readers will note that the depth and frequency of posts here has already become erratic since I started my job search in earnest last month.

It probably goes without saying that I will also be suspending development of my next game for the duration of my employment to avoid any potential conflict of interest or straight-up exhaustion issues. As I've said before, independent game development is an extremely liberating and invigorating experience but it rarely pays the bills and certainly didn't in my case, so it's a simple matter of priorities– making that paper being high on that list. :)

Having said that, I will be back at some point. I actually started this blog while working a full-time job, so it's entirely possible that I could find myself in a similar situation in the future but my sense is that things won't settle down at this new place for a while, if ever.

As always, Twitter is the best way to stay in touch with me. Love it or hate it, it's the easiest way for me to get the word out about new content I've created or anything else I have to announce.

Thanks to everyone who's made a habit out of coming here and reading my mad ramblings and a special thanks to those of you who bought and played "Powergrids." The past two years have been a lot of fun and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Until next time, have a good one folks! :)