Friday, January 21, 2022

Big Man Down

Today, I'm very pleased to share a few details about my latest novel, "Big Man Down," which will be available to order as a 6x9" paperback or hardcover on March 1st in anticipation of its Kindle edition release on March 18th, 2022.

"Big Man Down" is my fourth novel-length book since "The Big Men" back in 2017 and as with all my other published works, it ties directly into the overarching literary universe I've been creating while still standing alone as its own, unique and self-contained story.

That said, fans of "The Big Men" and my short-fiction anthology, "Shards," will no doubt be particularly interested in the events that unfold throughout "Big Man Down" and there are certainly a few elements in it that readers of "309" and "The Nemesis Effect" may find compelling as well.

Additional information can be found on the book's Amazon page and in this recent interview I did with "Feed My Reads." Please also note that the cover reveal for "Big Man Down" will be taking place at "Linda's Book Bag" on January 31st, 2022!

The past five years have been very exciting and fulfilling for me as I've worked to establish myself as an author. There's been no shortage of challenges along the way but I've always been, and continue to be, encouraged by the ever-growing support you as readers have shown for my works. As always, I remain extremely thankful and grateful for every bit of that support.

Until next time, happy reading, everyone!