Wednesday, November 8, 2023

"The Spiral and The Threads," and The Future of The Nod/Wells Timelines

When I first started publishing books back in 2017, I had a vision for what I hoped to create: a speculative-fiction literary universe that could stand toe to toe with any other such entity in terms of scope, novelty, and execution. For the first few years of that effort, I admittedly had my doubts as to whether or not I'd be able to pull such a thing off for a variety of reasons.

Now, as I prepare to publish my seventh book set in what's come to be known as "The Nod/Wells Timelines," I find myself a bit stunned that such a thing has actually occurred. There were so many times over the past seven years when things could have fallen apart or otherwise gone awry where this project was concerned, so the fact that it has become what it's become in spite of all that is nothing short of amazing to me.

Thus, "The Spiral and The Threads" represents a very special milestone for me as an author. It is, in many ways, the "conclusion" of "The Nod/Wells Timelines" as I originally conceived them, intended to bring a sense of completion and closure to fans of the previously-released books, while also fully opening the door to the multiverse of possibilities that's been only partially explored in those volumes.

Endings are always difficult. As a reader, I am often unsatisfied by them, simply because it's very rare that I'm unable to imagine a compelling way that the story being ended could continue. That said, I do appreciate a good "break or rest point" in a narrative, a moment where the biggest questions posed by a work are answered, or at least addressed in some fashion, and where the "loose ends" that have been swirling in my mind throughout the reading experience are (for the most part) tied up.

That, in a nutshell, is what I've attempted to do with "The Spiral and The Threads." It will be up to all of you to decide how successful I've been in that regard but for the record, this was my intent.

Of course, being a creative person by nature, I have many ideas about how the universe I've established in my first seven books can and should expand beyond those initial boundaries, and have in fact already begun work on an all-new short story collection, which will do just that, to be released "soon."

Beyond the aforementioned collection, I am also in the early stages of planning out a new series of three books that will extend at least one of The Timelines past its current endpoint, so there will certainly be things for fans of my worlds and their inhabitants to look forward to.

I mention all of this mostly to assure you all that, while "The Spiral and The Threads" may prove to be the last major release of its kind from me for a while, it is certainly not "the" end of "The Nod/Wells Timelines," but merely "an" end that I hope you'll all enjoy.

Until next time, happy reading, everybody!

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