Monday, June 24, 2024

8: Tales of The Big Men from The Nod/Wells Timelines

It's been a few months since I published "The Spiral and The Threads," the book that "completes" The Nod/Wells Timelines as I originally conceived them, and it's been great getting to see people's reactions to it. I've been particularly pleased to learn that, as I'd hoped it might, it's also been serving as a unique and effective introduction point for some readers into the overarching universe.

Of course, as I've mentioned previously, there's much more that can, and likely will, be done with The Timelines, even as I begin to explore other writing-related projects. The first of these "expansions" already exists in the form of my upcoming short-story collection, "8: Tales of The Big Men from The Nod/Wells Timelines," which will make its debut in early 2025.

As some of you may already know, I've decided to release four of the twelve stories from the book as "story singles" throughout 2024. The first of these, "Paper or Plastic?," is already available and the second, "Office Hours," will be available on July 2nd.

As with all my other published works, "8" has been specifically crafted to tell its own self-contained stories that also work to support and enhance each other, and contribute to the speculative-fiction mythos established in my first seven books. Again, I'm hopeful this will make it a valid starting point for new readers as well as a satisfying extension for existing fans of The Timelines.

Until next time, happy reading, everybody!

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